Motorists that frequent Makati will be able to travel into and around the city without fear of being flagged down for coding.

The City of Makati recently announced that they have suspended the number coding scheme. This comes as a surprise as Makati is notorious for not following the MMDA's Unified Vehicular Reduction Program (UVVRP) in Metro Manila.

But don't expect Makati's decision to suspend the number coding scheme to be permanent. According to the city government, the temporary lifting of coding will only last during Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ). That means motorists in Makati will only have until the end of April to drive around without having to worry about coding. 

Makati temporarily lifts number coding scheme amid MECQ image

As for the MMDA's UVVRP, the agency said that the number coding scheme in Metro Manila remains suspended. The MMDA originally lifted the UVVRP back in March 2020 when the country first entered into quarantine. However, until public transportation in Metro Manila normalizes, the number coding scheme will continue to remain suspended, said the MMDA.

With the number coding scheme temporarily lifted in Makati, those that live, work, and pass through the city can now enter freely without worrying about being flagged down for a violation. Still, that doesn't give you a free pass to be out and about. Do remember Metro Manila is still under MECQ. As a result, the City of Makati advises the public to stay home if they have no businesses to attend.