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Makati traffic enforcers to start wearing lapel cameras


Aims to promote transparency

If your dashcam provides you some sort of protection from ‘he said, she said’ retelling of details in vehicular accidents or interaction with traffic enforcers, Makati City has decided that they too will equip Makati Public Safety Department (MAPSA) personnel with similar technology.

Makati City Mayor Abigail Binay has announced that traffic enforcers of MAPSA will be provided lapel cameras as part of the local government’s vision to become a ‘smart city.’

“I no longer envision Makati as a premier city but a ‘smart city’ that incorporates and embraces technology in its policies, programs, and activities,” said Binay.


The lapel cameras will also serve as a deterrent to corruption and extortion by MAPSA traffic enforcers while also protecting them from incidents of verbal altercation and abuse with a motorist.

Makati also aims to improve the image of MAPSA traffic enforcers who have been criticized and labeled as ‘rude’ on social media.

The local government of Makati aims to deliver efficient public service by utilizing information and communications technology and has also including the micro-chipping of pets as part of the program.

“Our MAPSA enforcers are set for a make-over and reimaging, being frontliners of the city government. We will not only change their uniform, but also focus on improving their work skills and people skills through intensive training,” added Binay.

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