Ever wanted to have a stylish bed cover / topper for your pickup but preferred something a bit out of the ordinary? Why not install a fastback-inspired camper shell which transforms your pickup into a fastback?

While this idea may look like something out of a design concept, a company has actually turned that into reality. That’s right, Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) has released a fastback-style cover  called the ‘Aero X’. 

Make your F-150 look like a Mustang with this bed cover image

Not confining to usual designs, MVS sought out to make a stylish, yet still functional camper shell that can safely store your cargo, as well as provide an unobtrusive view of what’s behind the driver.  Moreover, MVS claims that each shell will offer high quality OEM level of paint finishes that will make for a clear and unmistakable look. 

Each one is made out of lightweight fiberglass that comes with integrated louvres that make it more stylish as well as provide protection from the sun’s rays. It even comes with an integrated 3rd brake light, tempered / tinted glass, and gas struts that make opening the rear hatch easier.

Make your F-150 look like a Mustang with this bed cover image

If you’re concerned whether the inside of the Aero X is empty, fret not as MVS claims it has an LED interior dome light, key-operated lock, fully finished headliner, and bed clamps. The result is a bed canopy that not only looks good, but also functional for every day use or abuse. 

Other available extras that will soon be offered for those that are interested in getting one will include: rear spoiler, vented side-glass quarter windows, and an integrated speaker system that is suitable for tailgate parties.

Make your F-150 look like a Mustang with this bed cover image

While Aero X offers up something completely different than the norm, it’s not exactly the most aesthetically-pleasing of designs. Sure, MVS can claim it’s more aerodynamic, but what matters more is that it lacks certain cargo space. 

Initially, the new Aero X camper shell is made available on the current F-150 models. However, the company is looking into making it available on more Ford pickup trucks, as well as in other brands like Chevy, Nissan, Toyota and Ram.