Have you been pining over the 2018 Honda Civic Type R but are hesitant to ask the wife if you can buy one? Well, here's one neat trick you can try, if you have the guts to do it.

One local customer for the Civic Type R was able to acquire one from the 100 units of the Type R by telling his wife that he was, in his words, buying a Civic.

Mr. T (name withheld) was able to get his wife's approval -sort of- to get a new “Civic” as a birthday gift for himself. As a Civic itself is a practical choice, his wife had no objections to buying one. Little did she and his daughters know he had other plans with the practical sedan. Needless to say, he left out any mention of it being the powerful Type R variant that costs double of the range-topping 1.5 RS Turbo. It was only his son that knew about it being a Type R. 

When the car was delivered, the wife was surprised that it was the high-performance Type R version. Take away the 300+ PS engine, wide flares and large spoiler, the Type R is still a Civic albeit in hatchback form. It also features creature comforts that can easily be found in other vehicles, and easily seat five. Besides, with the payment made, there was nothing more that his wife could do. 

For our readers who have already married or settled down with kids, having a sports car is often out of the question – unless you happen to have the extra budget to buy one for yourself. Often you’d choose more practical vehicles over performance-oriented cars as they are simply more logical.

We're not telling you to hide things from your wife, though you could leave out some of the details like what Mr. T did when he got his Type R... just be prepared to spend a few nights on the couch if you do.

Watch out for our review of the Honda Civic Type R coming soon.