The Mancor Corporate Center, a fully featured facility located in the heart of the Fort Global City, opened its doors on Feb. 5, 2007 and promises to be a big step forward for the automotive service industry.

A grand bash was held at the unmistakably beautiful facility and served as an introduction of what Mancor was all about. After a techno-themed unveiling, hundreds of guests at the party were given a guided tour of the corporate center.

The facility features a full service automotive service center (Autotechnika) which doubles as a showroom for Mancor's products, automotive service equipment. Cutting edge equipment coupled with the proper service procedures, sets Autotechnika apart from your run-of-the-mill shop.

Also housed in the corporate center is Mancor's automotive technology school, ASI. Offering courses for mechanic's training and job placement, ASI also offers short courses to the general public, for those who simply want a better understanding about cars. And DTM, the company's top step in the service ladder, catering to the enthusiasts that demand the utmost in performance. And with the country's most advanced dynamometer (DynaPack), tuning cars has been taken to much higher standards.

Dedicated to promoting vehicle road worthiness and the uplifting of the automotive service standards, Mancor forges ahead in to the future and it all starts at the Mancor Corporate Center.