Manila continues to hike its efforts to rid the city of elements that cause traffic and corruption even if it means turning-off devotees of Quiapo Church.

Mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada has just declared the entire stretch of Quezon Boulevard as a no-parking zone.

"Park at your own risk, no questions asked," said Estrada after declaring Quezon Boulevard a no parking zone, ordering that all illegally parked vehicles be immediately towed away. Quezon Boulevard is a vital thoroughfare leading to Quiapo Church. For the convenience of the Nazarene devotees, as well as the thousands of people doing business in Quiapo, I have decided to ban parking along this critical highway,” said Estrada.

Estrada wants motorists to curb their bad habit of parking along Quezon Boulevard while instilling discipline “for their own good.”

“All it’ll take from them is a little discipline. We need to get the cooperation of everybody if we want to bring back order in our streets,” added Estrada.

Aside from parking violations, the newly created Task Force Quezon Boulevard will also go after scrupulous individuals who charge illegal parking fees from unsuspecting motorists.

Reports have surfaced indicating that certain barangay officials of the city along with private firm Tokagawa Global Corp., are collecting fees but only remit 20-percent to the city.

“We even heard that some barangays and Tokagawa have been fighting over money, their parking fee collections,” said Dennis Alcoreza, chief of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau.