If you normally pass through Roxas Boulevard you may have noticed something quite different along the stretch of road last night. In particular, a certain stretch of Roxas Boulevard is now lit up.

No, we’re not talking about new street lamps to help light up the road at night. Instead, the road itself and the lane markers are now illuminated. Lit, isn't it?

The government of the City of Manila, specifically the Department of Engineering and Public Works led by City Engineer Armand Andres, completed the project with "solar studs". The initiative was to help keep drivers and commuters safe at night by having the roads and markers illuminated. Specifically, the illuminated solar studs will help keep motorists in their correct lanes at night, when it is hard to see the painted lane markers.  

Apart from helping motorists and commuters at night, the solar studs look cool as well - it makes Roxas Boulevard look somewhat like an airport runway. While the video posted on the Manila Public Information Office's Facebook page isn’t the best, we can imagine it would look a lot better in person. No doubt it would look good in photos too.

At the moment, the solar studs are installed only on the northbound lane of Roxas Boulevard, along the stretch of Vito Cruz to Quirino Avenue, and we won’t be surprised if the rest of Roxas Boulevard ends up being illuminated as well. It only makes sense to light up both directions of a major thoroughfare, right? At this rate, we can wait to see when all of Roxas Boulevard is no longer left in the dark.