Hopefully no more overcharging from Manila parking attendants

One of the most common issues vehicle owners face in the City of Manila is the non-standardized parking fees. Even though the ticket issued by the attendant says Php 20, owners will often be overcharged. Sometimes they are asked to pay double or even triple the amount that is written on the ticket depending on where they park. In fact, this has been such a big issue that Manila Mayor Isko Moreno even told the public to report erring attendants that overcharge tickets.

Fortunately, the non-standard and overcharged parking fees across the City of Manila will soon come to an end. The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB), issued Ordinance No.7988, implementing a new flat-rate parking fee all over the city. The new flat-rate fees will take effect starting this month.

Manila now has flat rate parking fees for all vehicles image

The new flat-rate parking fees in Manila are as follows: Light Vehicles (cars, jeeps, motorcycles, and pedicabs) will only pay Php 50.00 flat rate for a maximum of 8 hours. Medium Vehicles (vans, delivery trucks excluding 10-wheeler trucks) will only pay Php 75 for a maximum of 8 hours. Meanwhile, Heavy Vehicles (Buses, 10-wheeler trucks, heavy equipment) will pay Php 100 for a maximum of 8 hours.

According to the Manila Public Information Office, Ordinance 7988 was passed last March 25. However, it was only fully implemented just now. It was not mentioned whether the same flat rate charges will be applied to mall parking as well.

With the new flat rates parking fees now implemented in Manila, it should help with the overcharging issues that vehicle owners have faced for a long time. So the next time you drive down to Manila, you can be sure that you will pay attendants the proper parking fees for your vehicle class. If not, you can always report erring attendants to the Manila City Hall.