Not all sports cars are created equal as only a handful of them are eligible to join the Manila Sports Car Club or MSCC. What most may consider a sports car may not be to the MSCC members for various reasons. In fact, you can check out the full details of what the MSCC considers a sports car here.

To be eligible to join this exclusive club, your sports car must be on the list. One of the newest cars to make that list is none other than the Toyota GR Supra. Interestingly, the A90 is the first Supra model to make it into the MSCC's list of sports cars, as the older models, including the legendary A80 Supra, were not considered as sports cars by the MSCC.

Manila Sports Car Club: Toyota GR Supra belongs on their sports car list image

According to the MSCC, the new Supra is squarely a proper sports car with “no ifs or buts, and no 'by-way-of-exception'” qualification. Considering how it does meet all the requirements of the MSCC, it is no surprise here.

Aside from the GR Supra, its convertible twin was also included in the list – the BMW Z4. Unlike the Supra, this won't be the first time that the Z4 is added into the list If you check the MSCC's list of sports cars, you will see that the previous-generation Z4 has been in the list for some time. That said, it is somewhat a no-brainer that the new Z4 was also considered as a sports car.

So to the new GR Supra and Z4 owners out there, you are now eligible to join the MSCC. Now, should you go for the Toyota or the BMW? Can't decide? Have a look here; you can join the club, either way.