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Manila to ban trikes and pedicabs by October 15


Aim: To become the e-trike capital of the Philippines

The Manila City government will start implementing the ban on any tricycles or pedicabs running on a gasoline engine. Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada claims that this follows his intention to turn Manila as the e-trike capital of the country.

Already, a total of 25,000 kuligligs, tricycles, and pedicabs that run on gasoline engine are roaming around the city of Manila without a franchise at the present. To prevent this number from further increasing and creating a cleaner environment for the citizens of Manila, Mayor Estrada decided to start the said ban.

“By October 15, strictly there will be no more kuligligs, gasoline-run tricycles and pedicabs. We want Manila to become the e-trike capital of the Philippines and to make Manila a green city,” said Estrada.


To do this, the city government needs a budget of P120 million for 10,000 seven-seater e-trikes. According to the mayor, the e-trike can be fully-charged within just four hours and can travel for up to 80 kilometers.

For those who will lose their jobs upon this ban, qualified drivers and bona fide city residents should not be distressed as they will be provided with a new e-trike and an orange uniform which is also known as mayor Estrada's trademark color.

Apart from this, they will only be paying P150 to P200 per day for four years under the e-trike program instead of spending P150 for daily boundary and P200 for daily gasoline. This and the burden of paying for the electric current in battery charging of the e-trike will be provided by the government.

Binondo will serve as the pilot area for the e-trikes and the city government plans to provide two charging stations at each end of the e-trike roue.

Lastly, city auditor Mario Lipana said that the city government is currently planning to set-up e-trike routes in locations such as Malate and Intramuros. She in turn is now cooperating with the Manila Electric Co. in order to provide coin-operated battery charging stations for the e-strikes.

Source: Philippine Star

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