Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno recently recognized and praised three members of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) for turning down bribes from motorists that they had apprehended. As a result, the three enforcers, identified as Eduardo Lambino, Kenneth Naval, and Edwin Trias were presented to city hall employees and the media during the flag-raising ceremony at the Manila City Hall on July 29.

According to Moreno, the enforcers were offered bribes worth “mere hundreds of pesos”. However, they decided to turn them down and instead reported the incidents to the office of Manila City Hall. Because of their honest work, the Mayor announced that the three traffic enforcers will be regularized as a reward, making them permanent employees of the bureau.

In explaining the reward, Moreno says that regularization was a way of encouragement to the MTPB as well as other city officials to maintain integrity in their work. He adds that other hardworking and good-doing employees will also be rewarded too, and hopes others will continue following the deeds of the three MTPB enforcers.

For not accepting bribes, it goes to show that there are still good enforcers out there that are just doing their jobs. Moreno adds that this should also serve a warning for motorists who are caught not bribe their way out of the situation, and instead just simply accept the violation.