Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) has long been competing in the annual Shell Eco-marathon Asia with their prototype gasoline concept, Aguila. Upon discovering of their prototype gasoline concept, Aguila Auto Glass has then partnered up and sponsored Mapua for the continuous development of Aguila.

Aguila was originally built intended for a competition in Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. However, the competition was canceled due to haze, but Aguila still managed to bag the off-track award in Technical Innovation for the gasoline energy type. In 2014, Aguila ranked 6 out of 13 competitors in the gas energy type with 158.6km/l at Luneta Park, Manila. Meanwhile in 2016, Aguila managed to achieve 335km/l and ranked 2nd in its category.

This 2017 however, Aguila competed along side Hiraya, an ubran concept for the diesel energy type, in n the first ever Shell Eco-Marathon Philippines last February 2-5, 2017 at the Clark International Speedway. Out of the 30 student teams, Aguila emerged as the Champions of the local leg of the event.

Following their victory in Clark, the team went on to compete at the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia on March 16-19, 2017 held at the Changi Exhibition Center. The Asian-leg included students from around the world to compete and innovate the most energy efficient vehicle for the future. The team managed to bag 8th place out of 27 with Aguila.

With that, the team credits Aguila Auto Glass and other sponsors that funded Aguila to make it what it is today. Mapúa Team Cardinals has kept its partnership with Aguila Auto Glass as it is one of the dependable companies up to date thus helping in promoting the advocacy of the team. The team believes that continuous development over an innovation is what kept them competitive in its field.