When the Mitsubishi launched the heavily restyled Strada late last year, it begged the question, how long until the Montero Sport gets an update? We don't have to wait that long anymore as Mitsubishi has announced the official launch date of the updated PPV.

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand has just sent out invitations the much-awaited debut of the 2020 Montero Sport, badged as the Pajero Sport in Thailand on July 25. So, what can we expect?

Mark your calendars: 2020 Mitsubishi Montero Sport debuts July 25 image

For starters, we're expecting a similar, if not the same, front end treatment found on the Strada. That could mean redesigned headlight clusters, a bolder grill, new bumper with more pronounced bumper corners, among other things. This seems the most likely direction Mitsubishi will take as spyshots of the Montero Sport has hinted at that.

What about the rear, you ask? It is yet to be known if the tail lights, which is still being talked about even to this day, will retain its look. Given how it's integrated into the vehicle's body, it might just stay the same. Then again, Mitsubishi went to great lengths redesigning the Strada's rear, so they might change the Montero Sport's as well. It could, however, gain LEDs at the back for the base model. It is also possible that the rear bumper might have a bit of a restyle. We might also see new wheel designs thrown in for 2020.

Something likely to be carried over is the engine. Since the 4N15 MIVEC turbodiesel mill is still relatively new, it seems unlikely that Mitsubishi will immediately replace it with a totally new unit. The same goes for the transmission options, which are likely to be a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic. There might be a few technical updates under the hood and under the chassis, but nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing.

As the Montero Sport now enters its third year in the market (fourth for those in Thailand), it was about time the popular SUV got a bit of a refresh. However, we're not expecting an all-new model any time soon. After all, the previous generation model ran from 2007 to early 2016, a span of nearly a decade. As for our local launch, that has yet to be determined. Since we source our Montero Sport from Thailand and are one of the strongest markets for the Montero Sport, it might just be a short wait.

*Mitsubishi Strada/Triton pictured for visual reference only.