Last month, the world bid farewell to racing legend Sir Stirling Moss who passed away at the age of 90. He was dubbed the 'Boy Wonder' at the height of his racing career, was known as a gentleman behind the wheel, and left a lasting legacy in motorsport.

Now while Sir Stirling Moss was known to have driven race cars built by Lotus, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz, he has also been behind the wheel of a Maserati. Back in 1956 during the Monaco Grand Prix, the late Moss was able to secure victory after finishing 100 laps around the Monaco Circuit in a Maserati 250SF.

Maserati is dedicating a special model to Stirling Moss image

Now, the Italian sports car maker is looking to keep Moss' legacy alive by paying homage to the late British racing driver with a special prototype. Using the upcoming MC20 super sports car, the design of the prototype takes inspiration from the 1958 Maserati Eldorado, a single-seater that Moss himself debuted in Monza in the same year.

Through this special MC20 prototype that bears Stirling Moss's name, the company wishes to commemorate one of the greatest drivers in motorsports by making a car that is both capable on and off the track. The car itself is still draped in camouflage, but if one were able to look past it, the MC20 prototype features a low-slung, aerodynamic design.

Maserati is dedicating a special model to Stirling Moss image

Maserati has yet to reveal the inner workings of the MC20 and the MC20 Stirling Moss prototype. What we do know is that it will be powered by a V6 engine that Maserati is building on their own (since they will no longer source engines from Ferrari in future models). The V6 is rumored to produce over 600 PS thanks to a twin-turbo setup and will reportedly be mated to a dual-clutch transmission.

In the future, Maserati will apparently offer a hybrid version, as well as a purely electric model. There could even be a convertible model in the coming years once the coupe version is out.

Maserati is dedicating a special model to Stirling Moss image

Maserati wished that sir Stirling Moss could have tried his hands on their upcoming MC20, but the company hopes that the MC20 will embody performance, driving pleasure, as well as high-tech innovation that Moss would have approved. And since Maserati billed it as the successor to the MC12, the all-new MC20 has a lot going for it.