If there's anything Maserati is known for, its the sound their vehicles make. Whether its the GranTurismo, Quattroporte or even the Ghibli, all of them sound really good. Despite their engines being sourced from Ferrari, Maseratis sing a tune that makes it distinct from the Prancing Horse brand.

However, as previously mentioned, Maserati will soon be shifting to electric powertrains. In fact, they have been planning to do so for some time now. Thankfully, it seems their new electric powertrain will still produce a distinct sound unlike any other EV out there.

The Italian marque has recently released a new teaser video giving us a preview of how their upcoming electric motor will sound. Most EVs today are practically silent apart from a low whine or whistle when in motion.

Rather than suppressing the sound, Maserati is essentially amplifying that sound in order to enhance driving experience. As a result, future models will have a distinctive signature sound similar to previous models fitted with traditional combustion engines.

"Customers will therefore benefit from 100% electric propulsion vehicles that will combine driving pleasure, comfort and performance with a unique and unmistakable sound," Maserati said in an official release.

Maserati's electric powertrains are currently being developed in-house at its facility in Modena. There are no details or specifications about it just yet, but the teaser video does show MMXXI, which is 2021 in Roman numerals. As a result, the new electric Maserati models could be launched as a 2021 model later this year. At the moment, however, there is no official announcement just yet. 

The first models to adopt the electric powertrains will be the new GranTurismo and GranCabrio. Both models will be produced at their Turin production hub.