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Maserati's upcoming SUV to be called Cinqueporte?


Fresh from the rumor mill

If your remember the concepts launched at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show, Maserati revealed an SUV concept called the Kubang. Well, if rumors are to be believed, the it is possible that the production version of the 'Kubang' SUV (Kubang being a name based on an Indonesian term for a particular 'wind') could eventually be called the 'Cinqueporte'.

The rumor stems from reports Maserati registering the name "Cinqueporte" with the European patent and trademark office. Literally translated, Cinqueporte means "five doors".

The move makes sense, especially since Maserati's four-door sedan is called the Quattroporte... no need to translate that. Other reports point that Maserati "Cinqueporte" will be eventually built alongside its Jeep cousin in Detroit.


Following that naming scheme, wouldn't it be cool to have a car that's called the Unoporte or Trioporte? Duoporte sounds too strange already. A Coupe will do.

SOURCE: MotorAuthority

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