You can own an F1 champion's personal ride

Max Verstappen has just been crowned the new Formula 1 World Champion after beating Lewis Hamilton in the somewhat controversial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last race of the 2021 season. If you're a fan, you now have a chance to own one of his cars. Unfortunately, it's not a Red Bull Racing F1 car (not even the older ones). Instead, it's Verstappen's own Honda Civic Type R.

The hot hatchback is currently listed on the European website CarNext and will be available for bidding. Interestingly, CarNext decided to keep the vehicle covered in the photo. However, it's easy to spot from the wheels and the brakes that it is a Civic Type R. Since it was registered in 2018, it is also the pre-facelift Civic Type R. Verstappen's ride is also painted in the Type R's signature Championship White.

Speaking of signature, the Civic Type R will also feature Verstappen's signature on the dashboard. It's not a factory-fresh unit either. According to the listing, Verstappen's personal FK8 has already covered 58,048 kilometers. While the car looks stock, the video description does say it is “customized”. The listing also says the Civic Type R is rear-wheel drive, but we think that's just a typo.

Verstappen's personal Civic Type R is currently listed for EUR 33,333, or PHP 1,890,000 on the CarNext website. However, we suspect the final sale price will be a lot higher as fans will be eager to own a piece of history. The best part? All proceeds from the sale will go to the Wings for Life charity.

Interested in Max Verstappen's personal Civic Type R? CarNext will reveal the vehicle on December 17; more information should be released by then.