Perhaps one of the more common changes any owner will make to their vehicles would be to change the very thing their feet will rest upon: Floormats.  Considering that most cars will come with thin, non-absorbent mats, a decent universal floormat would probably have a better chance of saving the owner from a potential mess in the cabin. While a set of universal floormats is certainly better than stock, chances are these floormats will not fit perfectly in the cabin. Worse, it may even impede the pedals on the driver’s side, potentially making it a safety hazard.

With that concern in mind, Maxliner presents us with a better solution compared to the usual floormat fanfare. Instead of cutting out a shape by hand, Maxliner’s premium floormats come in pre-shaped 3D mapped forms, each set specific to the various nooks and crannies of a particular car. Having been an OEM supplier for brands such as Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Chevrolet, Maxliner have invested a significant amount into making their floormats fit many kinds of vehicles in the market. Apart from 3D mapping each floormat to a particular vehicle, the mats also come with raised edges to better contain spilt fluids, allowing for better protection of the car’s carpet.

“Our products also have patterns around the floormats that channel away fluids from your feet to a reservoir at the rear edges. Since Maxliner is an OEM supplier, our 3D digital mapped floormats are easy to install, remove and fits most cars, pick-ups and SUV’s,” explains Peter Vargas of the Outdoors Club. “Our floor mats are also designed to not move around or slip on the floor and the best thing about it is they are easy to clean,” adds Vargas.

If you’re interested, you may check out a full range of luggage, bicycle racks, bedliners and floormats at the Outdoors Club at the Ground Floor of the Banco de Oro Bldg. 2, Ortigas Avenue, West Greenhills, San Juan, with Tel. numbers 744-6367.