Maxus G50 Premium is the most popular version of the MPV

More often than not, the top-of-the-line (TOTL) variant of a specific model is usually not the most popular when it comes to sales. Typically, it's the mid-range version that is the volume driver for automakers. While it may not have all the features, it's not as bare compared to entry-level or base models.

So when we asked Maxus Philippines how are the sales of the G50, they immediately pointed out that the Premium is their most popular variant with customers. Curious, we dug deeper as to why the range-topping model is proving to be the preferred choice.

Maxus PH boss says TOTL G50 Premium is best-selling variant image

Speaking with Maxus Philippines General Manager Jun Cajayon, out of all the G50 units they have sold so far, 56% went to the Premium which is a huge share. But why is this the case? Cajayon said that one of the reasons the Premium is outselling the Elite, Pro, and Comfort variants is its sticker price.

Maxus PH boss says TOTL G50 Premium is best-selling variant image

At PHP 1.338 million, the G50 Premium undercuts its closest competitors. While Cajayon did not specifically mention which, he was probably comparing it to the Innova. While the Toyota MPV is still king when it comes to overall sales, its starting price begins at PHP 1,186,000 with the Innova 2.8 J M/T.

The only variant that comes close to the G50 Premium's price tag is the Innova 2.8 E A/T which currently retails for PHP 1.355 million. If you prefer your Innova with all of the available features, you'll have to get the 2.8 V A/T which has a sticker price of PHP 1.739 million.

Maxus PH boss says TOTL G50 Premium is best-selling variant image

Looking at the price comparison between the two, it's not surprising why some might prefer to get the G50 Premium over other MPVs. Its price tag is more in line with mid-range offerings, but it has more standard features one would normally find in TOTL variants of other MPVs. These include a panoramic sunroof, full-leather interior, touchscreen infotainment, automatic climate control, power tailgate with remote function, LED headlights, 360-degree camera system, and a host of safety features.

The G50 may still be a newcomer in the Philippine market, but it appears it's already making a name for itself when it comes to offering bang for buck value.