Do you find yourself frequenting the city of Manila often? We have some good (or bad) news for you. Towing illegally-parked vehicles in the City of Manila will soon be suspended according to Manila City Mayor-elect Isko Moreno.

Yes, you read that right. According to the 44-year old elected official during an interview with ABS-CBN, towing has become a source of corruption in the city. He adds that despite its concept of instilling discipline amongst motorists who park illegally, towing has instead become a form of ‘abusive enforcement’. So in order to stop this type of corruption from growing any further, he will soon have it abolished.

“I will abolish towing because there (are reports of) corruption and abuse in that type of enforcement. I'm doing this in order for the people to have peace of mind and to remove a source of corruption in the city,” said Moreno. 

While he already plans to remove towing in Manila once he assumes office, Moreno has not yet provided an alternative solution to towing. Instead, he is asking for those that frequently ply along Manila City's roads to be more disciplined and to follow the rules of the road. Do expect more details regarding the issue of towing in Manila to be announced in the near future.

With that in mind, we advise our readers who frequent the roads of Manila to not park anywhere simply because Mayor-elect Isko Moreno will be removing towing in the city. Traffic is already bad as it is, and we should do what we can to lessen it. There’s more than enough people who drive and park as if they own the road in the city already.

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