Just a day after firing 699 workers of Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau over allegations of corruption and extortion, Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada has turned his eye on illegal transport terminals that are being allowed to operate by barangay officials.

As the City of Manila continues to eradicate the causes of traffic congestion, a stern warning has been sent out by Mayor Estrada to all barangay officials.

“They will be our next target. All of them must go, do not worry,” said Estrada.

He also assured the public to extend a little patience as the city government is doing all it can to speed up traffic flow.

“We’re doing it gradually,” he added.

The mayor revealed that he has received information that certain barangay officials and a few policemen are on the take from PUV operators for turning a blind eye on their illegally positioned terminals in various parts of Manila.

Estrada is now asking for the assistance of Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association (Fejodap) and the Pasang Masda to police their ranks and be a part of the solution to traffic congestion instead of being the root of the problem.

“Our campaign to rid those traffic-causing illegal terminals will be useless unless we cut off the head of those protecting them, in the barangays and the police. We're going to do a total cleanup,” he said.