Traffic in Pasig seems to have gotten worse ever since the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) implemented its new traffic policies on EDSA. It even caught the attention of Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto who said that the increased traffic volume in the city was due to the strict implementation of the MMDA’s bus lane policy together with other policies.

Now, the 30-year old Mayor is finding solutions and making changes to deal with the increased traffic volume in the city. Sotto recently announced that two new important measures have been implemented in order to improve the way traffic is monitored in the area. The first biggest change includes the integration of Waze in order to monitor traffic data. Secondly, they have also positioned an official of the Traffic and Parking Management Office (TPMO) at their command center.

Mayor Vico Sotto is sorting out Pasig City traffic image

With the new changes, Sotto says that communication between their command center and Pasig City traffic enforcers would become faster. At the same time, communication of instructions will be easier between the TPMO command center and enforcers on where they should be placed. It would also give officials a bigger picture of the traffic situation happening in the city. This would allow them to make the proper decisions such as which streets should go and which ones should stop in order to avoid having gridlock in the area.

According to Sotto, this would be the first of many changes made and recommended by the Traffic Management Task Force. They will be implementing more changes to make a sustainable long term solution, in order to ease heavy traffic often experienced in Pasig and not just resort to 'band-aid fixes'.