Did you ever wish the Mazda MX-5 was offered with an optional hardtop? No, I'm not talking about the MX-5 RF with an electronically folding roof, but rather a fully removable hardtop much like the ones offered by Mazda in the past three generations of the roadster.

If so, Mazda may have just heard your pleas and appears to have built one already. In fact, the removable hardtop will soon make its public debut at the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon on a special MX-5.

Mazda could soon offer a removable carbon fiber hardtop for MX-5

Called the MX-5 Drop-Head Coupe Concept, it is a new removable carbon fiber hardtop different from the one offered before for the MX-5 Cup car. It features a sleeker design that flows more with the lines of the MX-5 rather than the one built to clear the Cup Car's rollcage. 

Since it's introduction in 2016, Mazda has yet to offer the MX-5 with a removable hardtop as it did before. If you wanted something with a metal roof over your head, you had to go for the MX-5 RF model instead. That said, the hardtop set to debut this January could be the production model soon to be offered by Mazda.

Mazda could soon offer a removable carbon fiber hardtop for MX-5

Other modifications made to the MX-5 Drop-Head Coupe Concept include a new bodykit, front and rear towhooks, and 16-inch RAYS alloy wheels. Inside, it gets new Recaro bucket seats and aluminum pedals. Performance-wise, it has a lighter flywheel, limited-slip differential, and an upgraded clutch.

Alongside the MX-5 Drop-Head Coupe Concept, Mazda will also be introducing the Mazda3 in Japan for the first time. At the same time, the automaker will also be introducing a new factory bodykit for both the hatchback, sedan Mazda3 together with the CX-5 and CX-8.

Mazda could soon offer a removable carbon fiber hardtop for MX-5

More details on the carbon fiber hardtop for the MX-5, and wraparound bodykits for the Mazda3, CX-5 and CX-8 are expected to be released during the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon which opens on January 11.