It seems Mazda has something special in store for customers who are looking for a seven seater vehicle that's smaller than the CX-9 but bigger than the CX-5.

In a press conference today at the roll-out ceremony of the Malaysian-made 2018 CX-5 crossover at the Mazda Kulim Plant in the INOKOM factory in Penang, Mazda executives confirmed that the CX-8, a seven seat crossover, will be offered in ASEAN in the future. asked whether a seven seat multi-purpose vehicle from Mazda would be possible given the demand in the region for seven seaters, though Mr. Hiroshi Inoue, Managing Executive Director for the ASEAN market from Mazda Motor Corporation, pointed to a different vehicle.

“From the global perspective, we have confirmed the three-row passenger vehicle is a requirement,” said Mr. Inoue. “The global demand is changing from a boxy MPV-style vehicle to sport utility-style vehicle.”

“We will deliver you -for ASEAN- a nice looking sport utility vehicle with three rows,” remarked Inoue.

The vehicle Inoue referred to was the CX-8. The new crossover measures 4900mm long, 1840mm wide, and 1730mm tall. It comes with many of Mazda's new technologies and features such as G-Vectoring Control, the MZA infotainment system, and SkyActiv, among others. The CX-8 is powered by a 2.2-liter SkyActiv turbodiesel engine.

Initial reports indicated that the CX-8 was a Japan-only vehicle, but Inoue said that will not be the case.

“From December we will introduce CX-8 [in Japan],” continued Inoue, “Of course we will expand outside of Japan.”

So what do you think of another seven seater crossover from Mazda that will slot in above the new CX-5 and the larger CX-9?