A new collaboration has recently been created between three Japan auto industry heavyweights in an ever intensifying effort to hasten the development of vehicles that will take us away from our dependence on fossil fuel.

Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda), Denso Corporation (Denso), and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) have signed a contract to create a new company that will focus solely on the development of ‘basic structural technologies for electric vehicles’ (EVs).

Called EV C.A. Spirit Co., Ltd., this company will be composed of selected engineers from the three companies working on the ‘efficient implementation of the joint technological development projects’.

90-percent of the investment comes from Toyota while Mazda and Denso split the remaining 10-percent right down the middle.

Mazda, Denso, Toyota form new company for EV development

By combining their efforts and assets, Mazda, Toyota and Denso seek to develop EV platforms that can cater to a wide variety of vehicle segments to make sure that they can respond rapidly to the auto market’s demands.

Mazda brings their bundled product planning and prowess in computer modeling-based development, Denso their electronics technologies while Toyota will offer the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

Though the joint venture may currently seem exclusive, the future plan is to create a business structure that will allow other automaker and suppliers to participate.