Mazda Motor Corporation today announced the creation of a new organization to oversee the company's expansion in the rapidly growing Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. The new organization--Mazda ASEAN, Limited--will have its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, and will be responsible for coordinating Mazda's marketing, sales and distribution efforts in the ASEAN region.

"We see a great growth opportunity for Mazda in ASEAN," said Malcolm Gough, Mazda's executive officer in charge Overseas Sales Division. "In order to be competitive, we need to further identify opportunities in ASEAN and approach the individual markets in a coordinated fashion. Creating Mazda ASEAN Limited is an important first step; this organization will help us manage our efforts in ASEAN and help make certain Mazda is meeting market--and customer--expectations. "

Gough added, "I am pleased with our recent progress in Thailand, and it leads me to believe Mazda can do even more in the region. Mazda sales in Thailand were up over 35 percent in 2004, and we are seeing more double-digit growth in 2005. The Mazda3, which was launched late last year in Thailand, has been well received by customers and our locally produced B-Series truck continues to sell well. We need to see similar growth and success in all the key ASEAN markets. "

Mazda vehicles are sold in Thailand by Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The Thailand office is headquartered in Bangkok and has approximately 40 employees. In calendar year 2004, Mazda sold 14,130 vehicles in Thailand. There are approximately 80 Mazda sales outlets currently in Thailand, and more are being added.

Mazda also has ongoing operation and distribution partnerships with local companies in other key ASEAN countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. In calendar year 2004, Mazda sales in the region grew by 25 percent to approximately 24,000 units. This represents a regional market share of roughly 1.3 percent.

The ten-country ASEAN region has a population of approximately 500 million and auto sales in the region continue to grow rapidly. Currently, the region represents approximately 1.7 million vehicle sales annually. This number is expected to double within the next 10 years.


Will Angove has been named Managing Director of Mazda's new ASEAN operations, effective July 1, 2005. Previously, Angove was president of PT Ford Motor Indonesia and responsible for building the Ford brand, establishing a dealership network and launching new products into the market.

Angove brings vast ASEAN experience to his new job with Mazda. Prior to being named president of PT Ford Motor Indonesia, Angove spent two and a half years working in Singapore as head of Ford's ASEAN Government Affairs organization. A native Australian, Angove joined Ford in 1979 and has worked in the ASEAN region since 1998.

Once fully established, Angove's organization will be responsible for developing and supporting local sales operations; growing awareness of the Mazda brand through coordinated marketing and public relations efforts; conducting market research to support Mazda product development; and helping ensure Mazda products and customer service operations fully meet local customer expectations.