The news of Mazda not making a new rotary sports coupe to succeed the RX-7 and RX-8, while disappointing for most die-hard plans, may have a silver lining after all. While Mazda has yet to be confident with releasing a high-performance rotary in the modern age, it appears they have not entirely given up the idea of having a touring coupe in their lineup.

Filed at the Japanese Patent Office last October 15th, the trademark for the name ‘MX-6’ has once again been secured by Mazda for use with “automobiles and parts and accessories thereof.” If you’ll recall, the Mazda MX-6 was a front-wheel driven four or six-cylinder coupe spanning two generations starting from 1987 all the way to 1997.

Mazda files trademark for MX-6 anew, could hint at future coupe

While the MX-6 wasn’t exactly positioned as a sporting coupe like the flagship RX-7 and the MX-5, the MX-6 was meant to be a sedate two-door option for Mazda’s conventional clientele.

With this new trademark filed however, our imagination can be sent flying about what's coming next. We may well see a SkyActiv-based, rearwheel driven coupe in the near future. Considering that rotaries are not in Mazda’s timeline yet they’ve taken time to create concepts like the RX-Vision and Vision Coupe, an internal-combustion-powered coupe like the MX-6 may just ensure that Mazda’s superb design exercises may be put to good use.