It looks like Mazda’s efforts in implementing SkyActiv into their entire model lineup — from engines, transmissions and even the chassis — is paying huge dividends, both for their customers and the environment.

The very stringent United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is in charge of writing and implementing laws to protect human health and the environment, has just named Mazda as the most fuel-efficient automaker in the world while also emitting the least amount of pollutants — for the third year in a row.

Since 2013, Mazda has been steadily improving its fuel-efficiency numbers along with its emissions results despite already having the best numbers since that year.

From 11.9 kilometer/liter in 2013 with an emissions rating of 316 CO2, Mazda raised its game and picked up 12.4 kilometers/liter in 2014 with an emissions rating of 302 CO2. This year, Mazda yielded 12.7 kilomters/liter with 295 CO2 - their best numbers yet.

These numbers represent a collection of data gathered by the EPA on all models that are sold in the United States of America by all of the manufacturers.

Surprisingly, the least fuel-efficient vehicles with the highest emission ratings come from America’s very own — Fiat Chrysler comes in last, followed by GM, and then Ford. But let’s remember these automakers also manufacture extremely powerful and popular big trucks in the US that bring the efficiency and emissions numbers down.