Mazda has just come up with a hardtop version of the MX-5, but there's a catch: only the MX-5 Cup cars can have it.

From the first generation (NA) to the previous one (NC), Mazda has offered a hardtop option for the MX-5. It is only now that the current generation (ND) MX-5 will be offered a factory hardtop, however it will only be offered to the MX-5 Cup variant; the latest iteration of the very popular Spec Miata one make race series. 

Mazda MX-5 Cup now offered with a factory hardtop

The hardtop will be available only to drivers that are part of the Mazda Motorsports program and have either owned or ordered the MX-5 Cup car. Previously, drivers had to make do with the open top, limiting the amount of race series they could participate in.

With the addition of the hardtop, Mazda says the MX-5 Cup car will now be legal to join other series such as the Pirelli World Challenge TA class.

Note that the factory hardtop was developed and approved for motorsport use. Price for the factory hardtop costs $4,420 in the U.S., which is pretty steep for a roof but then again, it's hard to put a price on safety.