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Mazda PH turns over 25th Anniversary MX-5 to customers


Out of 1000 limited worldwide, 25 units arrive in the Philippines

Last August 20, 2014, Mazda Philippines turned over 16 limited edtion MX-5 Miata at their new warehouse in Batino, Calamba Laguna. The remaining 9 units are yet to be released, but all of which are already sold. The turnover ceremonies were led by Mazda Philippines President and CEO, Steven Tan.

The limited edition vehicle is the company's anniversary model to celebrate the 25 years of the MX-5 Miata. During the ceremony, Tan recounts the story behind the 25 limited edition Mazda MX-5 vehicles before its arrival in the Philippine shore.


Last March, Tan had a meeting with the members of the Miata Club Philippines and proposed the idea about the limited edition MX-5 Miata. According to Tan, he presented the pictures of the limited edition MX-5 to the Miata Club Philippines' members and left the meeting with “15 names on a napkin.” Afterwhich, a “series of lucky coincidence” occurred as Tan managed to have a lunch meeting with Yuji Nakamine, Mazda's global chief of marketing sales.

During Tan's meeting with Nakamine, he expressed that Mazda Philippines needs 15 units of the limited edition MX-5. With this, Nakamine told Tan that “its a long shot [to have 15 units], i'll see what I can do.” Despite this, Tan remained positive that the 15 units will become a reality.

Months after, Tan managed to have another meeting with a certain Mazda executive and he expressed that from 15, the Philippines wants to have 25 units of the limited edition MX-5 Miata. Again, Tan was told that it was a long shot.

Then one day, Tan said that he received an email from Mazda stating that the 25 units of MX-5 is a go.

Tan also said that the 25 limited edition units of the MX-5 Miata came from the US allocation. Tan explained that Mazda gave up the 25 units for the Philippines. “They gave up the US allocation for us,” Tan added.

Tan ended his speech by saying, “today is really an emotional day for me and my colleagues because this is an amazing journey and it will still continue on.”

As a whole, the 25 limited edition units of the MX-5 Miata was a story of success for the Berjaya Auto Philippines, Mazda's official distributor in the country. Moreover, Tan mentioned that the 25 units will not be possible without the support of the Miata Club Philippines.

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