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Mazda Philippines launches the new Mazda2 hatch and sedan


Rocking the class

Fun to own and even more fun to drive, Mazda prides itself as being the car manufacturer that recreates the exhilaration and liberation of being in motion - with your every drive. From its classic and concept cars to producing the most popular roadster, you'll know for sure that there is the distinct feeling of driving a Mazda vehicle - the unique experience that is Zoom-Zoom and the Mazda2 is no exception to this.

"The New Mazda2 is enjoyable in day-to-day life, not just in terms of driving pleasure but also in terms of the enjoyment that comes from owning such a great car," said Steven Tan, Vice President for Marketing and Sales, Mazda Philippines.

With the Mazda2, the design team combined the visual movements created by the car's silhouette, the lines of the body, and the patterns of light on the body to create dynamic, multifaceted expressions not typically seen on a B-car. The cabin is features contoured forms that combine reassuring thickness with strong visual movement.

The main engine offered is the MZR 1.5L, a 1,498cc, inline-four-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve engine that delivers capable performance with maximum output of 103ps/6,000rpm and maximum torque of 135Nm/4,000rpm. The four-speed automatic transmission and five-speed manual transmission are offered with the MZR 1.5 engine is known for the kind of direct, linear performance feel that's essential for Zoom-Zoom driving enjoyment.

Drive the streets with more Zoom Zoom in the New Mazda2, now in both Sedan and Hatchback configurations.
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