So we finally saw the all-new Mazda BT-50 about three months ago. No longer a twin of the Ford Ranger, the next-generation pick-up truck is now based on the all-new Isuzu D-Max. It now wears a sleeker-looking exterior thanks to the Kodo redesign, along with a more upmarket interior.

By now, some of you might be probably thinking of dressing it up. Well, Mazda has already come up with ways to make the mean-looking BT-50, look even meaner. Just recently, Mazda released just one of the many upgrades that they will soon be introducing for the next-gen pick-up truck.

What you're seeing right now is what Mazda calls the 'Queensland Bar' which was designed by the automaker's Australian division. Made from high-grade steel and painted black, Mazda Australia claims the new bull-bar was built and designed for heavy-duty application in mind. Whether it's hitting dirt trails, or taking on muddy terrain, Mazda says the bull-bar can take anything with stride.

If the bull-bar is not enough, the company is also offering a unique sports bar for the bed. It features BT-50 logos and has been specifically designed to work with a tonneau cover. That means you can install the bars without having to sacrifice not being able to install a proper cover for the BT-50's bed. Other available extras that Mazda will throw in for the BT-50 include a roof rack, step boards, additional lighting mounts, and a range of alloy wheel designs.

But don't think those will be the only extras the automaker will be making for the BT-50. Come October when the BT-50 is officially launched in the Land Down Under, the company says that there will be over 100 accessories available for the pick-up truck. Talk about playing dress-up with the Mazda BT-50.

With Australia set to get their hands on the BT-50 two months from now, we're wondering as to when Mazda will officially launch it here in the country. Once Australian dealers get it, we might soon be getting it as well in early 2021 if Mazda Philippines decides to bring in the all-new BT-50 here in the first place.

Just think of the many ways customers plan to upgrade their personal BT-50 once it arrives at our shores.