Mazda owners that have always wanted to have smartphone mirroring via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can now do so with a system upgrade.

Instead of just relying on Bluetooth to hear your Spotify playlist or listen to Waze navigate your routes, Bermaz Auto Philippines, the official distributor of Mazda cars in the country, has introduced a new hardware kit that expands the infotainment system to include smartphone mirroring.

“There has been a strong demand for the Mazda Connect system to be able to work seamlessly with popular smartphone applications. We hear our customers and now we have made available the official Mazda hardware kit that expands Mazda Connect features to include navigation, music, and even search applications,” said Steven Tan, president and CEO of Bermaz Auto Philippines.

Mazda Connect Upgrade Kit image

The new upgrade kit can be retrofitted to Mazda vehicles from model year 2014 onwards that are equipped with the Mazda Connect infotainment system. It features a new system module, as well as higher capacity USB ports that can handle both phone charging and data transfer. That way, both iOS and Android-powered phones can seamlessly connect with the onboard system, allowing features such as Waze, Spotify, and even Google Maps to be displayed on-screen.

Not only that, the system upgrade will also allow users to manipulate the apps' function via the touchscreen, or the center-mounted control knob. That way, both driver and passenger can easily browse through the apps without having to take their eyes off the road. The built-in voice recognition function can also recognize commands for the app to follow.

Mazda Connect Upgrade Kit image

The new Mazda smartphone mirroring upgrade may be purchased for Php 17,500 (+VAT) at all 21 official Mazda dealerships in the country. The price includes installation as well as a one-year warranty for the newly-installed hardware.

Those interested in upgrading their Mazda Connect can contact / vist their nearest Mazda dealership for reservations / scheduled appointments.