Mazda has announced the availability of two new models in Japan: the Demio EV and the updated Miata.


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Mazda Demio EV

The Demio, known as the Mazda2 in other markets, is now available in electric vehicle form.

The Demio EV uses an efficient lithium-ion battery and an electric motor unique to Mazda. The brand claims that the EV can deliver an “exhilarating driving experience, powerful acceleration, precise handling and a comfortable ride”. The cabin space and cargo capacity remains unchanged over the gasoline models. The range of the EV on one full charge is touted at 200 kilometers based on the JC08 test cycle as measured by Mazda.

Mazda won't be selling the Demio EV, as instead they will be leasing it for JPY 3,577,000 (PhP 1.87M).


Mazda MX-5

Mazda will also be selling the updated and upgraded Miata (known in other markets as the MX-5) roadster in Japan. The updated model gets new design touches such as new color trim bits, wheels, interior colors, bezels and other details. The most significant change is in safety as Mazda added a hood that pops up slightly during a collision to increase the safety for pedestrians.