Manufacturers having factory restoration programs have been done for quite some time already. In fact, Jaguar Land Rover already has a program for their vehicles as early as the previous years. However, it seems as though Mazda has taken a page from the British marque's book and launched their own restoration program for the first generation NA Miata.

Mazda officially restoring first-generation Miatas in Japan

As a nod to the Miata's classic status, the Hiroshima automaker will begin accepting reservations for service this year; restoration will begin in 2018. Each vehicle will be customized to the customer's needs and wants, and with each vehicle being certified by a technical inspector from TÜV Rheinland.


Regarding parts, Mazda will cooperate with the original suppliers to ensure that the original factory quality is maintained. Some of the parts found on a brand new NA Miata before such as the original Bridgestone SF-325 tires, Nardi steering wheel and shift knob, and convertible soft top will be made available to the public as well. While it is still not an extensive list at the moment, expect more parts to be made available as time goes.

Mazda officially restoring first-generation Miatas in Japan

For now, the restoration is available only for first-generation Miatas built from 1989-1997. Moreover, the restoration program is limited to Japan only with pricing yet to be announced. Also, it is yet to be confirmed if Mazda will expand the program outside of Japan. Given that this is a factory restoration, owners can also opt to have their car shipped to Japan, bringing it back to brand new condition.