Mazda debuted its new Mazda BT-50 global pickup truck at the 2010 Australian International Auto Show. It shares a co-developed platform with the new T6 Ford Ranger led by Ford's Australian engineering team, with both vehicles sharing the chassis and many parts. Mazda designers however took a leap ahead giving the BT-50 a totally different look with shapely lines to follow its emotive design theme.

Despite sharing the same basic dimensions with the Ranger, the BT-50 uses a different body shell and cargo bed. With design cues pointing to Mazda's dynamic passenger car as seen from its nose. Mazda touts the new BT-50 to look like a "sophisticated beast". The image of a lion was the inspiration for chief designer Ryo Yanagisawa when he penned the new BT-50. The controversial design is finished off with tail lights extended to the tail-gate, not commonly found in pick-up trucks.

The a new dynamic interior however is a huge step from the blandness of its predecessor definitely positions this new release as lifestyle pickup rather than a workhorse. Sportier instrument clusters derived from the RX-8, which is also found in the newer Mazda models have been integrated to the new BT-50.

Engine options were not revealed but engine options revealed with the Ranger might be a clue as to what possible options can be found on the new BT-50 which include a new 2.2-liter I4 CRDi Turbo-diesel and a 3.2-liter I5 CRDi Turbo-diesel.

As with the Ranger, it will be built alongside in the Auto Alliance plant in Rayong Thailand.