For the longest time, Mazda has yet to offer an electric vehicle (EV) in its model lineup. Instead, the Japanese automaker has focused on building cleaner and more efficient engines such as the Skyactiv-X found in the current-generation Mazda3. But that is all set to change as Mazda will be officially launching a production-model electric vehicle very soon.

How soon you ask? Well, it's already set to make its official debut this coming October at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda has been tight-lipped about their first mass-produced battery electric vehicle, so details are still very scarce so far. At the moment, the company has only announced that it will be a 'completely new model', and will mark the 'third installment in the automaker's new-generation lineup'. Furthermore, they say it was developed in accordance with Mazda's human-centric philosophy.

The automaker did reveal an EV test mule earlier this year based on CX-30 called the e-TPV. However, they said that the electric powertrain fitted on the test mule would not be a direct representation of the production-model EV.

For now, the automaker did not mention whether it will be a sedan, or a crossover just yet. In fact, one could even speculate it as a sports car based on one of the concepts Mazda revealed in the past. There are also no details on the electric powertrain yet either. Since they did say it is a mass-produced EV, we will likely be seeing a production-ready model already on the podium.

With lots of space left for speculation, we will likely have to wait for further announcements from Mazda to know more about their upcoming EV. That, or we'll just have to be patient until the brand debuts it at the Tokyo Motor Show.