Certainly not a new name in the local industry, Mazda officially announced its launch in the Philippine market supported by its alliance with Ford Group Philippines. The brand still maintains itself an exciting one even after 82 years of delivering quality products and service all over the world. Constant research and innovation is its main ingredients in providing customers with the satisfaction they want.

The premium Japanese carmaker promises to deliver the same high quality of products and service it has provided worldwide to Filipino consumers, who can expect to see more Mazda's in the coming months as the company starts to build its network in the Philippines.

"Mazda owns an excellent reputation earned through years of service and constant development that never failed to satisfy its market," Henry Co, Ford Group Philippines president enthuses. "We are looking forward to this launch because we know Mazda can offer a brand new perspective in our automotive sector. We are excited to provide our consumers the thrill that they can get, owning a Mazda."

Mazda is set to challenge the local market with stylish and insightful designs coupled by exceptional driving functionality. As their first salvo, they will launch the Mazda6 and the Mazda Tribute with the Mazda6 as its flagship model.

"We want to open the year in a big way and there's no better way to start it than the introduction of Mazda's most recognized brand," Co said.