Just think of the things you can do when you have the streets all to yourself amid an ongoing quarantine or lockdown. Some enjoy the emptiness. Some have a little fun on the road while observing speed limits. Some reckless drivers chose to run amuck.

This guy, however, chose to park in the middle of an expressway... and do a photoshoot.

This Mazda2 owner over in Thailand couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a picture of his vehicle in the middle of an empty expressway.

Throwing caution to the wind, this guy went to the Si Rat Outer Ring Road Expressway, got out of his car, and started taking pictures. He did not even bother going to the side of the road, and instead placed his car in the center lane. The guy even posted the picture on his social media accounts which might have earned him some nice reactions, as well as some attention from the authorities.

Does this mean that the guy who took the photos violated national curfew? Well, not exactly.

The Royal Decree for the national curfew in Thailand was only imposed last April 3. Based on the date the CCTV footage was taken, the guy took photos of his Mazda2 at an earlier date; March 29 to be exact. So it looks like he's in the clear, but the Expressway Authority of Thailand was not pleased with the guy's actions and will pursue a case against the owner of the Mazda2.

This dude took advantage of lockdown for an expressway photoshoot image

So while he may have taken some nice pictures of his yellow Mazda2 for all the world to see, he is now also equally famous for violating an expressway's regulations. We are not quite sure, however, if the owner will be slapped with a fine equivalent to about PhP 91,000 or face two-year jail time as these can only be used by the authorities for those that violate the national curfew.

Clearly not worth the risk despite the likes and reactions you'll get from social media.

Source: AllStreet Facebook, MGR Thailand