The Mazda Route 3 challenge was finally completed last September 7 when the Mazda3s from Hiroshima arrived in Frankfurt. The intercontinental challenge covered 15,000 km as the cars cross the finish line at Mazda’s European R&D Center in Oberursel, just outside Frankfurt.

The four cars that were subjected to the challenge made their way to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The appearance will display how the Mazda3’s new technology and design kept the cars intact despite the different road conditions.

The drive to Frankfurt made the drivers encounter hidden potholes, big rocks, overturned trucks, livestock, and roadworks. They also encountered bureaucratic problems at the Belarusian border. However, these obstacles did not hinder them to quit the challenge.

The overland portion of the tour began on August 3 as the cars boarded off the ship the transported them from Japan to Russia. During their travel, they were able to cover two continents, nine time zones, and about 30 cities.  These included passing through sights like Lake Baikal, the Altai Mountains, and the Kungur Ice Caves. In one occasion, the drivers were even escorted by Mazdas driven by local fans.

The challenge allowed the Mazda Route 3 teams to enjoy and experience the capabilities of the new Mazda3 across continents. “What an adventure! If I had to single out the one aspect that was most impressive, I’d say the interaction – with the people along the way, with the Mazda Route3 participants, with the support team, and of course with the cars,” says trip organizer Sascha Postner.