Ever wanted your McLaren finished with hand-painted with gold Chinese dragons? Well, now you can order one straight from the Woking-based manufacturer themselves. The British supercar maker recently introduced the 570GT MSO Cabbeen Collection designed in collaboration with Chinese fashion designer and entrepreneur, Mr. Cabbeen.

McLaren 570GT Cabbeen MSO Dragon

Only five units of the special Cabbeen Collection 570GT will be built. All of which are finished in a special Obsidian Black paint from MSO, showing only little carbon. A golden dragon is then hand-painted on the door inserts as a hint to Chinese classic design.

McLaren 570GT Cabbeen MSO Dragon

Along with the dragons, new 15-spoke wheels have been fitted onto the 570GT. The wheels and brakes calipers are then finished in Gloss Speedline Gold to compliment the dragon design.

Step inside the cabin, and more dragons await. Gold dragons are hand embroidered into the Alcantara-wrapped center console and the rear luggage deck, taking inspiration from the Chao Embroidery. Completing the visual upgrades are a set of carbon fiber door sills.

McLaren 570GT Cabbeen MSO Dragon

The embroidered dragons found in the cabin were sewn by Kang Huifang, Director of the Professional Embroidery Committee of China's Arts and Crafts Institute. She is renowned for her 40 years of experience in Chao Emrboidery and the preservation of the art itself.

McLaren didn't mention anything about power upgrades this time. Likely, the factory 3.8-liter biturbo V8 stil produces the same 570 PS and 601 Nm of torque.

The McLaren 570GT MSO Cabbeen Collection is currently on display at the 2018 Bejing Motor Show.