The upcoming McLaren Hyper GT, codenamed BP23, will soon be the fastest vehicle ever to be produced by the Woking-based manufacturer. McLaren has recently released a new set of teaser photos showing the vehicle's three seater layout and a speedometer hitting a speed of 391 km/h (243 mph), beating the previous record set by the F1 back in 1998.

McLaren aiming for 391 km/h top speed with Hyper GT

While the Hyper GT itself is still in development, we do know that it will be a homage to the legendary McLaren F1. It will come with a three-seat layout and a central driving position, similar to that of its predecessor. As a further nod to the F1, only 106 units of the vehicle will be built, exactly the same as the F1. Unsurprisingly, all 106 unit have already been sold at a price of $2.5 million US per unit.

No details have been released regading the Hyper GT's powertrain apart from it having a hybrid powertrain similar to that of the P1. The engine could possibly be a reworked version of the brand's biturbo V8 assisted by an electric motor. In review, the V8 hybrid powertrain used in the P1 GTR outputs 1000 PS. Whether the Hyper-GT will exeed that is still uncertain.

McLaren aiming for 391 km/h top speed with Hyper GT

Compared to the Senna, which is aimed solely at producing fast lap times, the Hyper GT is slated to be McLaren's ultimate on-going road car, hence the 'GT' suffix.

Expect the McLaren Hyper GT to make its debut sometime later this 2018.