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McLaren details steps taken in P1 production


XP development cars shown carrying race track-inspired camouflage

The McLaren P1 was first seen by the world as a design study at the Paris Motor Show last September 2012, since then, development of the technology beneath the carbon fiber skin has continued at great pace.

The team at McLaren Automotive has continued the relentless testing program for the by using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) aerodynamic modeling and bespoke Formula 1-derived dynamics simulation tools. Detailed analysis and physical testing went hand in hand with to accelerate the further development of the McLaren P1.

A dedicated team of McLaren engineers, technicians, and racing drivers are running a fleet of XP-codenamed vehicles, around the clock in some of the most demanding conditions, and on roads and circuits across the globe.


McLaren's attention to detail can be seen on the XP development car's camouflage as it incorporates the outlines of famous racing circuits around the world, with each of them being highly significant in the history of the brand.

With the McLaren P1 being developed this meticulously, we can't blame you if you can't wait for the next public appearance of this car.

A video showing some parts of their development process can also be seen below:

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