McLaren has revealed the stripped out driver-focused interior of the P1 GTR. It features only the essential driving components to keep the vehicle's weight to a minimum.

The interior of the P1 GTR is equipped with a MP4-23 F1 car inspired steering wheel. McLaren says the steering wheel is designed to make all controls accessible and user-friendly. Similar to a Formula 1 car, mode swithces are placed on the center of the steering wheel. This allows the driver to adjust the setup and characteristics of the vehicle without taking off their hands from the wheel.

The interior of the McLaren P1 GTR

The P1 GTR also has lightweight DTM-style seats, full six-point motorsport harness and Hans-approved carbon fiber seat shell. McLaren says the driver's seat will be specifically fitted for the owner and mounted directly to the chassis.

Other than revealing the vehicle's interior, McLaren announced the P1 GTR driving program that aims to hone and optimize the owner's driving skills in order to get the most out of their car. With this, McLaren will have a dedicated track preparation program that will suit each individual owner. The program will start at the McLaren Technology Center (MTC) before driving through a race track.

The rear of the McLaren P1 GTR

“The program is about enabling our drivers to get the most out of the McLaren P1 GTR. Before they get out on track, each driver will join us at the MTC and have unprecedented access to the cutting edge facilities, including the racing simulator. This will enable drivers to build up a greater understanding of the car’s capabilities and true performance, as well as learning the braking and turn-in points before they arrive at the circuit,” said Paul Mackenzie, McLaren P1 GTR Program Director.

McLaren added that the program will take place at some of the most iconic Formula 1 circuits around the world.