McLaren may very well be opening its first outlet in the Philippines by 2018. As the luxury high performance carmaker revealed exclusively to that they are strongly considering an official entry to the market.

McLaren may officially come to Philippines by 2018

With the recent Asia Pacific auto show debut of the 720S at the 38th Bangkok International Motor Show, it appears that the Woking-based marque is stepping up its presence in the region.

"We're having a very detailed analysis about the timing for this. We're in some very close negotiations of what we're going to do with the right partner. I don't have any exact timing to give, I'm afraid. But I'm hoping to be there very soon," said George Biggs, McLaren Automotive Asia Pacific Managing Director.

On which models they plan to offer, Biggs said they are looking to offer the complete McLaren lineup and offer a fully-equipped 3S dealership facility to the Philippine market.

Currently there are at least 5 different McLaren models in the country that have been imported through unofficial channels. Biggs said those who have purchased cars previously will be guaranteed the same level of service as with new buyers.

"I cannot stress enough that as a business, when we go to a country, we want to stay in that market and grow by first class service," added Biggs.

When asked about the looming excise tax hike that is certainly going to affect pricing and sales of McLaren cars, Biggs seemed confident of their prospects in our market.

"Regulations and taxes are a response issue; it's just a change in the market that we have to respond to. I still believe the Philippines is a strong market, it's still a growing economy. There will always be customers who will be interested in the products that we can deliver," Biggs responded.

We just had to ask again about which exact markets they are planning to expand to within the year or the next, and Biggs once again reiterated that the Philippines is certainly in that horizon.