Aviation meets supercar design

McLaren and Lockheed Martin are two companies that share one thing in common – they both feel the need for speed.

The former, with its F1 supercar, previously held the record for having the fastest production car in the world. Meanwhile, the latter's SR-71 Blackbird is still the fastest and highest-flying air-breathing operational manned aircraft in the world.

Now, the two have teamed up to create the ultimate hypercar of the future. McLaren and Lockheed Martin Skunk Works are collaborating to morph the aerospace company's design software into the world of supercar engineering.

McLaren partners with Lockheed to create future hypercars image

McLaren did not disclose many details about its partnership with Lockheed but said their scientists and engineers would explore how Lockheed's Skunk Works design system could be used commercially in automotive design.

To celebrate the start of their technology collaboration, both McLaren and Lockheed Martin brought their latest creations to the Califonia Skunk Works headquarters. McLaren showcased the Artura hybrid supercar, while Lockheed had the Darkstar hypersonic aircraft – the conceptual jet that appeared in Top Gun: Maverick.

“McLaren is a pioneering company that has always pushed boundaries and sought out new innovative and disruptive solutions to making the ultimate supercars. Working alongside an iconic company such as Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®, renowned for their visionary focus on the future, is a natural fit. We hope this is the start of a longer and deeper collaboration that will benefit our customers in the long term,” said Darren Goddard, Chief Technical Officer of McLaren Automotive.

With both companies known for setting world speed records, it will be exciting to see what kind of supercar will come out of this partnership.