Prior to the McLaren P1's global debut at the Geneva Auto Show next month, McLaren has revealed some photos of its interior. The McLaren P1's cabin shows a minimalist design that's driver focused to minimize the car's weight and also avoid distractions while driving.

Its interior is inspired by the cockpit of a fighter jet as seen on the glass canopy overhead and its deeper than usual windscreen to optimize visibility. To minimize the car's weight, switches are kept to a minimum but still enough to retain luxurious features such as full climate control, satellite navigation and a premium sound system; carpet and interior sound deadeners have been omitted to further minimize the car's weight.

As with the exterior of the car, carbon fiber has been extensively utilized on the dashboard, floor, headlining, doors, rockers, and the central control unit to keep its weight down. The racing bucket seats use the minimum amount of foam and are encased in ultra-thin carbon fiber shells and contributes to an overall weight of just 10.5kg each. The height of the seat will even be custom set to suit the driver and passenger, and can be subsequently adjusted in the workshop. Fixings for a six-point race harnesses are in place, in addition to inertia reel seat belts.

Steering wheel

The steering wheel is finished in Alcantara together with carbon fiber inserts and has a diameter that's as technically precise as a McLaren racing driver’s wheel. It's innovative digital instrument cluster and gauge was also previewed ahead of the debut.