The three-seater McLaren F1, arguably McLaren's most iconic road car, is about to get a spiritual successor. And no, it is not the already released P1 hypercar.

They call it the Hyper-GT, and it will be a completely different entity from the P1, McLaren's ultimate sports car at the moment. And yes, it will be a three-seater.

McLaren has given the F1 homage the codename BP23 and is currently being developed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) to bring about the ultimate on-road performance and usability, at the same time being “an incredible road car” as described by McLaren boss Mike Flewitt.

“A car designed for long journeys but with the high levels of performance and driver engagement expected of any McLaren,” the British manufacturer explains.

As of the moment, there are no exact details regarding the technical aspect of the BP23. Autocar does report however that the vehicle is assumed to use a modified version of the 4.0-liter V8 twin turbo engine found in the 720S, and will be supported by a hybrid system.

McLaren teases Hyper-GT, spiritual successor to the McLaren F1

Exterior wise, McLaren has released a new sketch showing the sleek rear end. Along with the earlier released top view sketch, the two photos give us an idea ofwhat the body line would be like. Staying faithful to the F1, the vehicle will have dihedral doors that extends to the roof along with a roof-mounted air scoop.

Inside, a three-seat layout similar to the McLaren F1 with the driver at the center will be applied.

Much like vehicles of these types, the Hyper-GT be limited to 106 units only. For those interested, all 106 units has already been sold to loyal customers, and will work with MSO to personalize their vehicle.

McLaren says they are still working on the design of the Hyper-GT, despite customer deliveries expected to begin at the start of 2019.