McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has long been known for building limited and one-off supercars for clients all-over the world. Their latest creation was commissioned by the brand's largest U.S. Dealer, McLaren Newport Beach and is dubbed the MSO X.

The “X” stands for the number ten as only 10 examples of these hardcore looking machines will be built. Based off the standard 570S, the goal was to build the MSO X as close to the 570S GT4 racecars as possible while still keeping them street-legal. All 10 cars will also be wearing 90s inspired race liveries to match. 

McLaren builds GT4-inspired 570S for the streets

Aside from the noticeably new fixed rear wing – which adds 100kg of downforce – MSO also added new canards and side skirts to improve air flow. Meanwhile, parts of the rear bumper were cut to further save weight. Other new parts include a carbon fiber hood, a McLaren F1-inspired roof intake and a MSO Titanium Super Sports exhaust.

Inside, the MSO X now features a more track-oriented interior. The carbon-fiber chassis has been left exposed with a pair of bucket seats fitted together with six-point harnesses. A fire extinguisher has also been installed inside the already tight cabin. Despite it's race-oriented features, the MSO X still comes with parking sensors, cameras and air-conditioning.

McLaren builds GT4-inspired 570S for the streets

McLaren did not disclose any information about the MSO X's powertrain. It is likely that they have stuck with the factory 3.8-liter biturbo V8 which produces 570 PS. The new titanium exhaust would definitely make the car louder though. It also puts power down via new Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires.

Like most limited edition vehicles released by McLaren, all 10 units of the hardcore MSO X have been accounted for.