Sooner rather than later, it will be time to bid goodbye to the McLaren's Sport Series models like the 570S, 540C, and the 600LT. The British marque has announced that their “entry-level” supercars will be discontinued at the end of the year once the limited-run 620R completes production.

Don't be sad because there's a new line of supercars from McLaren coming soon, and those vehicles will have hybrid power units.

McLaren says their new High-Performance Hybrid (HPH) line of models will debut next year with the first one arriving sometime in the first half of 2021. Unlike the outgoing Sport Series, this new HPH lineup will feature a different powertrain. No, it's not just a hybrid version of their popular twin-turbo V8 engine. Instead, the HPH line of vehicles will use a hybrid V6.

McLaren’s new line of sports cars will be hybrid powered image

There are no official details just yet apart from the hybrid V6 powertrain; McLaren didn't even say whether the new models will be turbocharged or not. Instead, the British marque did give us a glimpse at their first model. We're not sure if it's just the camouflage, but the hybrid model does look like the outgoing 570S with some design changes here and there. There will be larger intake vents both at the front and on the side, and the yet-to-be-named hybrid model will also have an exhaust tips quite high in the back... in between the taillights.

What we are sure about the new Mclaren is that the new hybrid powertrain will allow the new sports cars to run on electric power alone (without activating the engine) just like the P1. No specifics were given, but the McLaren says it will provide “medium-range EV only driving capability”. Hopefully, it has a lot more range than the P1’s electric mode had to offer.

“This all-new McLaren supercar is the distillation of everything we have done to date; all that we have learned and achieved,” said Mike Flewitt, CEO, McLaren Automotive. “This is a new kind of McLaren for a new era, an extraordinary drivers’ car that offers blistering performance as well as an all-electric range capable of covering most urban journeys. We see this new McLaren as a true ‘next generation’ supercar and cannot wait to show it to customers.”

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